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Monday, May 28, 2012

Well... here's something

To put it simply, not all went well.  Due to some tight scheduling with various other events, the Disciples were only able to play the D&D Next Beta for a little while,  Nevertheless, much was learned and we have no intention of stopping quite yet.  Hopefully we'll be able to play some more, but here's what we've learned so far.
1. Being a fighter is hilarious.
No really.  Combat has been slightly tweaked in order to make sure that those who should be good at combat, or just have a good opportunity, will likely succeed with a great new advantage system.  More importantly, fighters will always dish out damage equal to their strength (with a certain trait), even if their attacks miss.  This meant that our fighter was knocking down at least one Kobold a turn, no matter what.
2. Its good being DM.
You know all of the times your DM would let you perform an action without a roll because you set it up so well, or if he'd deny you the opportunity of jumping to the moons before the dice hit the table (despite the risk of angering the dice gods).  Well now that's cannon.  It may not be a big deal, but its good to know that Wizards is paying attention.
3. Everything is simpler.
It's true that this is our first time using a pre-made campaign, but there just seems to be something more pure about next.  You don't have to flip through your character sheet looking for information.  It's all laid out nicely, and there not much to master.  That might just be the Beta leaving out content, but it feels good just slipping into a character and enjoying the company and the story.  Its a good D&D set-up. That is all.

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