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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Minecraft Monday: episode 1

We are back! And with a whole host of new content in the coming weeks, including something which we promised over eight months ago, but was delayed due to laziness... MINECRAFT MONDAYS!
That's right, every Monday, we will post a new video for all our dedicated followers.

(Yes i realize that it's not Monday, but we didn't realize that it Monday was until 11 PM... so yeah.)

So for our first episode, Typhus and I talked a little bit about the mod we will be using (which i will link in a moment), we died a couple of times, wandered around and basically sucked. So get ready for 20 minutes of us playing the way we know how.... badly!

Our Youtube channel:
Sphax's BDcraft (Amazing texture pack):
Technic/Tekkit (Brilliant mod pack):