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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Humble Indie Bundle V

I genuinely hope that this is not the first place that you've heard about this, but you still deserve to know.  Humble Indie Bundle V includes Amnesia: the Dark Descent, Bastion, Braid, LIMBO, Lone Survivor, Psychonauts, Superbrothers: Swords and Sworcery EP and Super Meat Boy.  For around $10.  I'm not sure if you know this, but I did the research, and then I did the math, and that is a FANTASTIC DEAL.  There's only a day left, but seriously, check this out;

Monday, June 4, 2012

E3 impressions

E3 2012 has thus far been a fantastic disappointment. Microsoft's Halo 4 looks to be bringing very little to the table that wasn't in previous Halo games; a few more enemies, better graphics, Cortana going insane. In fairness, the whole "Insane AI" thing may be new to Halo, but the idea itself is ground that has been thoroughly tread in previous years/decades/pretty much as long as the idea of AI has existed. So congratulations to 343 Studios for continuing Halo's trend of lackluster, completely uninteresting story-telling. It's looking like Sony's coming out with a large amount of third-party support for its PS Vita, and I'm greatly intrigued by Assassin's Creed Liberation. So far the third generation of AssCreed games feature a half-Native North American protagonist and a female protagonist of indeterminate ethnic origin. We'll see how Ubisoft handles its diversity. The Vita is also getting Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified. I'm unsure how to feel about this, as I'm not a fan of the CoD franchise, but given that its popularity eclipses masturbation, at this point it's looking like a great business move for Sony. I like the sound of the Assassin White Vita, though; I may just pick that up! They're also adding a WiiU-esque functionality to the Vita for the PS3, making the Vita a very desirable handhold (why it couldn't have just been desirable at launch I don't know, but in Sony's defense they're picking up the pieces of their shattered handhold venture very admirably). More from Sony: J.K. Rowling has teamed up with them to release a PS Move game called Book of Spells. Interesting. As well, a Super Smash Bros. sort of game for the PS3 is on the horizon, PlayStation AllStars. I find it interesting, but given how many games have involved series/franchise crossovers in prior years that Sony has only now jumped on the idea. It looks to be a great game though. The game that has most piqued my interest is The Last of Us, which is apparently a very emotional take on the idea of apocalypse. It involves a grizzled badass and a younger, teenage girl who have banded together for safety, and developed somewhat of a father-daughter bond (take a guess as to who you play as). I find this interesting, because I haven't seen or played many games that take a more personal and emotional approach to storytelling and focused on character development, which this game looks to do. I'm excited, to say the least! Tomorrow I'll go over the rest of E3, this is a tad rushed. Other announcements included a new Gears of War, a new God of War, a new Sim City, and many more interesting games and many uninteresting firmware upgrades to the Xbox that I didn't get to cover. Tomorrow!