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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sequence Review

Alrighty, I know that we've made a lot of promises that we haven't kept, but fortunately for us there aren't many of you to disappoint (if there are any).  So without further ado, a review.

Sequence- Mmmmmm
So a couple of months ago I got into a rhythm game originally released on XBLA now available on Steam, called Sequence (if you hadn't of guessed).  Although flawed, I thoroughly enjoyed Sequence and I'm basically going to try an shove some info down your throat about it.  The game focuses on two main characters, Ky and Naia, who have been thrown together by fate,with the goal of reaching the top of the tower that Ky is trapped in.  Naia speaks to Ky through the intercom and tries to keep him alive as they progress through the tower.  A lot of the plot is kept a mystery, so I'm going to try and avoid to many spoilers, but suffice it to say, I think the end will surprise you, even if not pleasantly.  The plot isn't really Sequence's strongest point either, as we are the end attempts to leave a sense of mystery or intrigue, but instead simply fails to cap the story off, and leaves it open an unsatisfying.  The progression throughout is light-hearted however, and the lack of any particular connection to the characters can be ignored in favour of the comedy.  Something that may change you game experience is how fond you are of puns.  Basically every item in the game has a pun in the description.  ALL OF THEM.  THERE ARE QUITE A FEW.  Being a RPG- Rhythm game and all (did I mention its and RPG- Rhythm game? Its totally an RPG- Rhythm game.) it has a decent amount of items to equip yourself with, along with some different kinds of spells that you can sub in and out to create a good build for you character, like any good RPG.  The interesting part of Sequence is the combat mechanic and core gameplay.  Imagine playing a guitar solo every time you tried to cast a spell.  And then play one to build mana, along with one not to die.  Sequence gives you three rotating screen to attack, defend, and recharge your man form.  Its difficult to get into at first, but it will begin to feel ever so rewarding when your flip to build man between defensive notes to cast that final spell you need.  Accompanied by song fantastic tracks, Sequence has all of the addicting features of Guitar Hero, but now along a cohesive narrative with tangible goal.  Pretty great for a $5 game.  If you aren't bothered by some out of place particle effects, lack of animation, and puns, Sequence is definitely worth your time.

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