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Friday, December 23, 2011

Army Showcase: Typhus' Death Guard

Greetings to all who follow the great dice god, today begins the first post, of a semi-regular article, in which we will show you, our loyal readers, one of the disciple's armies. For either Warhammer fantasy, or Warhammer 40k. We may eventually showcase the armies of other people we know, but for now it will just be our armies. I will begin with a few pictures of my most recent army, the Death Guard.

A pair of plague marines wielding some plasma guns

My chaos lord with daemon weapon and Mark Of Nurgle

This army was only started a few months ago, when i purchased a box of chaos space marines for a painting clinic that was being run at our Friendly Local Game Store, or FLGS. I decided to paint the marines I purchased in the colour scheme of the death guard, as I thought it could lead to some interesting conversions, and some excellent painting opportunities.One recurring theme through out my army is the skin tone, i wanted to give my plague marines a grey flesh tone, almost like rotting flesh. I find this, along with the orange glowing eyes, just serves to further dehumanize them, showing how much there betrayal of the emperor has transformed into physical corruption.One thing i loved about the old metal deathguard models, were the special weapons, like the flamer where the fuel tank was replaced by a giant pustule! I wanted to try and recreate some of those weapons through converting the more recent flamers.I am currently trying to expand this army up to apocalyptic proportions, to get some more boots on the ground next time I face Archaon's nids. Hopefully I can showcase my deathguard again once they've grown a bit in size, but for now, they'll just have to wait while I get my Blood Angels ready for the next in store tournament.


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