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Friday, November 11, 2011

Disciple Bios

Greetings To All

This shall be the momentous occasion where we introduce ourselves to you, the online community.

Typhus: I go by the name of Typhus on steam and some forums, and I am a nerd to the core. You can name a game and I've probably tried it at some point, these range from Flames of war, and Warhammer, to card games like Magic and Call of Cthulhu. I will be responsible for hobby articles, and will most likely be featured in a few Let's plays. I am the one who decided on a whim to start this blog, in order to motivate my group of friends, AKA the other contributors, to document our journey through the realms of geekdom, and to try and provide their opinions to the world. Without further ado, here are the rest of the Disciples.

Valdr Ashendale: I just joined this maniac blog because it seemed like a good idea at the time. :D By the way, each of our posts will be a different colour depending on who posted, I am BLUE! Typhus above me is green. (Bleh) I am a nerd, however I adopt the title 'Gamer' as my own. I play tabletop games and Magic: The Gathering on my spare time, but video games and D&D is where I reside. I will be mostly posting Let's Plays of Video Games as it is my specialty, like a Left 4 Dead Chompski run.

Archaon: Similarly to my freind Typhus, I will try almost any nerdy game out there, although not quite to the same extent. I have dabbled in Call of Cthulhu, Dust Tactics, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer Fantasy and mostly Warhammer 40'000. I will post on nearly any subject, however, I lack artistic skill, so I mostly tend to focus on strategy/rules/Battle Reports. I'll leave painting and modeling to someone who is good at it. But don't think that's all i will do, for even though I am quite terrible at video games, I will play them anyways and pretend i am amazing :P. I hope you enjoy our blog and all the amazing things to come!


To be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure what I can contribute to this blog, but I have a few ideas. Typhus and I are planning on doing some hobby articles for Warhammer and the like (being the only guys who actually care about it), and I am very intent on being a part of the Let’s Plays. As far as personal projects go, I’m thinking of running a D&D campaign and basically making a book out of it for your benefit, possibly with complementary artwork . It is also very possible that I just throw up some sketches that I do, because I do get bored every once in a while. But don’t expect much from me.

Phearbro: I am the Bro of the group, or so I'd like to believe at least. My focus is generally on Magic the gathering, although I play Warhammer 40'000 and fantasy too. I'm not really an artsy type, and by that I mean I painted my Vampire counts Crypt ghouls by covering them in random splotches of paint XD. I carefully consider every point in the rules that is possibly abusable, in order to win the highest number of games possible. As such, I will be able to help YOU find a fun army list that will help you win more often in many different game systems. I also will be doing some let's plays and first looks at some new games.


  1. Well said my dear friends (except you Typhus, you are just a friend you troll).
    I congradulate you all on your successful creation of a blog. The only issue, publicity. Who will know about the site? How will they find out and will Typhus ever cure his hand cancer? Find out next time on Unforgotten Reaaaaalmmmms!

  2. By the way, I screwed up and am now two people. Cloning fail. And by people i mean accounts.

  3. That's alright, as long as both accounts are cultists I think we'll survive. Also as far as publicity goes, I think we'll just leave that to our prayers. And blackmail. LOTS of blackmail.