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Friday, November 18, 2011

Adventures in Terratoran

So Archaon and I said some pretty exciting things. An actual reason to read this blog, a chill session with two of the posters playing Minecraft, full release (AHHHHHHHH I LOVE MINECRAFT), but unfortunately, it seems we’re going to have take some of it back now, because you see, the server patch for Minecraft 1.0 doesn’t exactly exists yet, so we can’t actually play it. Well not together today. I’m sorry to disappoint you, our massive fan base. I know I just broke soooo many hearts tonight. Fortunately, I have a somewhat fun alternative; I had some time to play some Minecraft today. So I’m going to try and make up for the lack of group review today by writing a little story for all of you.

Note: As soon as the bukkit server patch becomes available, we will begin posting Minecraft Monday articles, and the special for the full release of Minecraft.

* And then he opened his eyes for the first time; fittingly to a beautiful sight. He looked upon a peaceful forest, his body lying softly in some sand. His clothes seemed familiar to him, but he could not tell who he was or where they had come from. Perhaps they were memoirs of tales long forgotten. He tried to remember what his life before this awakening, but his memories would not return to him. He took a deep breath, and turned to see the world around him. He was pleasantly surprised, while expecting more forest; he found he was lying on a beach, two islands in the distance. One was not very large, but seemed to have a firm ground, and the other large and mountainous. He was an opportune man, and a survivalist, so he knew what he had to do. He quickly turned, and with all the strength he had, he punched a tree right out of the ground, and quickly threw together a small work station, building an axe with it. Then he built a boat, and travelled to the smaller island.

His initial instinct were right, the ground was sturdy, good enough to build a house even. He cleared the ground and began to build his home. It was a long few days for him, but by the end of the third day, after many struggles with finding materials, and a few trips back to the original island for more lumber, his house was complete. During the house building mission, some mining was done, and coal was found within the earth.

Tired, but relieved, the man sat back, and realized he had neither slept nor eaten in the past few days, and so began his next quest; to obtain food and something soft to sleep upon. And so he went forth into, sword in hand, and pain in his stomach and heart. He leaped from the newly crafted docks, the cold water washing over his exhausted body. The cold seemed to seep inside of him, as he began to lose consciousness, but he kept moving forward. The sun began to rise just as he washed ashore. He could hardly keep his head up as he slid into the wet sand, but he was finally on land, and his fears were finally passing, or so he thought.

Suddenly, as if out of nowhere, a horrible alien monstrosity came crashing through the underbrush. Its face permanently as if in a scream, its eyes cold and lifeless, it ran at him, each footstep tearing grass from the floor. The fear jolted the man to his feet, a shaky arm pushing him out of the sand. He reached for his sword and lunged at the creature, his sword moving upwards and connected with flesh. The creature hissed as he stumbled back from the blow, but showed no fear, intent on harming the man. The man was startled at its resilience, but he had no intent of dying yet, and so he leapt into the air and drove his sword straight through the monster. A hiss erupted from the monster, and then it collapsed onto the floor, gently sliding off of the man’s sword.

The man sighed and stumbled, stabbing the earth beneath him to keep himself upright. He aligned his spine and slinked forward, his eyes darting around. And then he heard a noise that brought him infinite glee. He heard a clucking from the distance. He pulled his sword up and with his last surge of strength he ran forward and found what he had been looking for; a singular chicken, walking carelessly around. The man was over-joyed and leapt forward with no remorse. He slaughtered the chicken with one stroke, and then he began to consume what remained. He was startled by himself, the noise that he made as he ate sounding entirely foreign to him, beastly even. It scared him, but he continued none the less. The food brought him strength, but he also felt sick. He understood the risk of eating food raw, but he had no other option. He lifted his sword yet again, stretching his tired bones, and then he heard it; another hiss from behind him, and the sound of the grass being torn from the earth. *

Minecraft 1.0 really doesn’t feel any different from 1.8, especially not early on, although it feels somewhat more polished. One major note, the sound you make when you eat IS REALLY DAMN SCARY. I jumped the first time that I heard it. But ultimately, it’s still Minecraft, and now with more content, I have no doubt that I’ll spend endless more hours trying to kill that damn Enderdragon.

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