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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Minecraft Adventure Map!

Hello, world!
Valdr Ashendale here announcing that he is making a Minecraft Adventure Map! Yay! (Cheers/Fanfare Here) The Map is called the Institution, not really any plot in the beginning, or any plot throughout the story. However, there are signs around the building that narrate the story around you, giving tips and hints as to what to do next. If you do choose to read the signs you eventually find out that there are hidden passageways leading to and from the first floor. Some hidden passageways show how the Institution runs and that there are secrets to uncover! Diamonds are placed around the map for your enjoyment. Lava platforming, puzzle solving, monster killing, trap setting, and many more surprises await your playtime!

(This map is currently incomplete, all suggestions would be greatly appreciated!)

Some Screenshots:

The Entrance To The Institution!

The First Room of The Game!

Now the fun begins!

Of course there are some rules to keep in mind while you're playing:
1: You can only break Bookshelves and Beds in the very beginning of the game, later on you will be able to break other blocks.
2:At the beginning of the game, please don't walk away from the Institution and gather materials, you will be given two redstone dusts. You'll figure out what to do with them. ;)
3:After breaking a block that you did not place (e.g. beds, bookshelves, stairs) you MUST throw away the item immediately and don't keep in your inventory.
4: You may only use things that you make with crafting benches and things you find inside chests within the Institution.
5: This game must be played on hard, and on normal vision range.
6: Enjoy!

Incomplete Map Can Be Found Here!

Please rate and comment on my map if possible! Thank you and have fun!

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